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Crabs?! Escape the Island



Read up on "Crabs?! Escape the Island!" Before

it appears on KICKSTARTER!

Crabs?! Escape the Island! is a strategic card game where players are stranded on a deserted island, and must be the first to build a raft to escape the island while being ambushed by an onslaught of crabs sent by other players.

"Developer Tip: Always keep a Horseshoe and/or Spider Crab handy if possible to divert those pesky Crab attacks to other players."
"Developer Tip: It's always a good idea to bury a Ration Card early in the game. Coconut Crabs can't steal those."

Each player begins with 5 cards in their hands and 3 rations on the table in front of them. (this space is called their "campsite")  During your turn, you can take a number of actions: play a card, draw a ration, draw from the material's deck (if you have the required tools), etc.  The number of actions you can take depends on the cards in your campsite. (Max of 5 actions per turn)

You may attack another player with a crab Card from your hand, and that player may defend themselves if the cards in their hand allow it.  Some Crabs are easy to defend from, and some nearly impossible.  Crabs can steal rations, tents, hammocks, and even a card from another player's hand.  They can also reduce the amount of actions a player has, along with freeze a player and allow you to see their cards.  To combat these crabs, some cards may defeat, capture, redirect them, or even turn them into extra rations for you to use in your escape!

In the main deck (Island Deck), you will also find Shovels.  These are your tool of choice (minus the choice), and allow you to bury a Ration for safe keeping (watch out for the Coconut Crab!), destroy many of the pestering Crabs, and eventually draw from the Materials Deck.  The Materials Deck is where you'll locate your raft building supplies, and hopefully NOT  break a Shovel in the process.

Once you've fought your way through the hoards of crabs and collected enough materials and rations to leave the island by raft, you can take your final action and set sail on your beautifully (or shoddily) built raft.  Congratulations! You've just WON by being the first to Escape the Island!

If you've come across both the Machete card from the Island Deck and the Cereal Box Ration (which depicts a treasure map on back of the box and a compass as the prize!), then you may be in a position to win by an alternate method.  If done right, you can use these cards, and plenty of extra Rations, to make a break for it and locate the resort on the island to win the game that way.  It's difficult, and if you don't make it in one turn, you are likely to be bombarded by crabs from the other players in an attempt to foil your plans and bring you back to camp!  So, good luck!

"Developer Tip: Some Crabs work great in pairs! (eg. King Crab & Scavenger Crab)"
"Developer Tip: Maintain at least 1 good defense card, preferably 2.  Those redirection crabs can be such a nuisance!"
"Developer Tip: Multiple Scout Crabs can be used in a single action to view multiple players' hands!"

This game can be played by kids and families, as well as hobbyist and hardcore gamers. While the rules are simple enough to understand for normal gameplay, we've added an Advance and Expert mode (see Expansion below)  for players who would like more of a challenge.  There's also a slightly easier mode of gameplay for when the kids are at the table.

  • (1) Day/Night card to keep track of the rounds and remind you to eat something from your pile of delectable Rations.

  • (4) Player Reference cards to remind you of your actions and what the card symbols mean so you know exactly how you can destroy each Crab that you face.

  • (3) Decks to draw from: Island Deck, Rations Deck, & Materials Deck.

Island Deck

This is where you'll find all your pestering Crabs, defensive Cards against those Crabs, and useful Shovels.  You might even get lucky and find a few cards to boost your number of actions, and jump ahead of the others! (100 cards)

Rations Deck

All your delicious Rations can be found here.  Some, more delicious than others... which means some are outright disgusting!  Would you eat some of them if you WEREN'T stranded on an island?  I highly doubt it! (35 cards)

Materials Deck

This is it!  If you're lucky enough not to break your Shovels in the process, you might just locate the materials you need to build your raft and escape the island!  Of course, it's always possible to find absolutely nothing, or you might come across some extra Rations.  That'd be sweet! (45 cards)

We've developed an Expansion for "Crabs?! Escape the Island!" to allow you to enjoy more game at a small cost. Backing us at the Expansion tier on Kickstarter still gets you FREE SHIPPING (just like the Base Game tier)  to all around the world.  While the base game allows for up to 4 players to be stranded on the island, the Expansion provides enough extra cards for 6 players to be simultaneously pestered by the island's crabs.  Along with making it a 6 player game, you'll receive:

Promo Cards

Receive our stack of Promo Cards to add to your game.  The Blue Crab, Sandy Claws, Snow Crab, and Stone Crab are all ready to drastically affect the gameplay and make escaping the island that much more difficult! If you're (un)lucky, you might be forced to endure a Tsunami, forcing all players to lose their current hands and re-draw. Are you ready for a challenge?

Scenarios (Advanced Mode)

Want to mix it up?  Draw a scenario card to greatly affect your next game.  While some may alter a current rule, some scenarios will force you to strive for a different goal.  Anyone willing to forgo the raft, and build a BOAT instead?!  Good luck!

Daily/Nightly Scenarios (Expert Mode)

You really want to lose don't you?  Well, then this is what you're looking for.  Each round, you'll find yourself applying a different effect to the game.  Maybe you'll all lose a random card from your hand, or half your precious rations.  Was that a monsoon last night?!  If so, you might all be forced to shuffle your hands together and re-deal the cards out in the middle of the game.  This is just our way of messing with you at your own gaming table!  I wouldn't expect to win a game of "Crabs?! Escape the Island" in Expert Mode.  But, you're welcome to try!

  • (9) Ghost Crab cards.  Use these to permanently replace a card in your hand if you must!  (Did someone forget to eat a Ration during the day phase?)